Official Selection LA Comedy Festival
Official Selection Adobe First Frame Film Festival
Animation Semifinalist: Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Directed, Written, and Performed by Connor Kerrigan

imageExploded Diagram 1

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity in its Entirety

Connor Kerrigan performs a chunk about airplanes.

Two friends have a good time in the natural forests of San Francisco. 

Express Pass: The Forbidden Vigil

Some species of shark eat their siblings in the womb. The sole survivor of these battles is born.

Was the last video too long for your dog like attention span? Skip to the front of the laugh line with Carnival Garbage’s Express Pass.

A new adventure has been embarked on by our three protagonists as they attempt to sell a lamp through a Craigslist meet up. Will the lamp get sold? How much money will they receive? Will Nelson expose his affair? All this and more in this sketch from Carnival Garbage. 

Orbulot Industries introduces the Series C.

imageRufus Johnson


imageInspired by Mountain Dew